I work with sensations of my body. I see my body as an instrument and medium of my artwork. My exploration is based on pushing the limits of my body and emotions. My practice is to seek for non-verbal ways of communication between myself and the public. My works are extensions of my everyday life experience. I’m interested in people’s behavior in public due to various established social conventions and structures. I integrate my experience, memory, sometimes dream with body movement, gestures and facial expression; then turn them into performative elements that implement my concept. I like to put myself into the situation and set up dialogues with the people out there on the street, with the uncontrollable situations that happen all the time in the social interactions. I am researching the impreciseness of body languages and discomfort feelings triggered from devised body language and movement in various public spheres. For me, it is a never-ending process to explore and research on this theme. My goal is to communicate with audience and provide them a moment of rethinking their ordinary life. I challenge myself with confronting the public face to face during my working process. I work with outdoor/indoor installations, sound installation, performative interventions and video, etc. Commemoration, temporary intervention and site-specific work in public spaces are my interest fields of work.