Intimacy and irony, with these two words I could describe my artistic research. Since many years I’ve been exploring my physicality in relation with objects and the idea of the fetishism of an interior experience. An unusual map in a familiar territory which is never fully known. I use different media from performance and installation to sculpture, video, painting and photography to show aspects of the private sphere but always with decency, even when revealing indiscrete nudity. A mise en scène of the results of an intimate and almost ritual investigation which reveal unconfessed aspects of the psychology of the inner self. The inventory of my body is transformed into an ironic adventure.

Cristina Meloni was born in Alghero in 1983, lives and works between Sardina and Marche. In 2012 she completed a Master at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Urbino.

Curatorial text on Cristina Meloni by Matthew Crookes