“To me, every artistic medium is like an eye, which does of course look out from a certain position, it has its own stance, and a perspective linked to the aforementioned factors”

Before my move to Germany I had worked with painting exclusively for nearly 25 years.

Only after this move I began to work with time-based media. The increasing role of the new media in society and the public sphere led me to focus my artistic effort on the new, time-based visual media and say good-bye to classical art media.

Being invited to collaborate in projects as part of the 2004 em Transito Arts Festival in Lisbon turned my focus onto collaborative inter-disciplinary work.

I am fascinated by how various art forms can merge into one another, or supplement each other. Projection is intrinsic to the collaborative effort. I am constantly on the lookout for expressions that expand the boundaries of classical and contemporary art, and I try to combine elements taken from diverse epochs, cultures, and genres in order to stimulate all the senses of my audience.

Hence my more recent work has, for instance, consisted of film collages that became moving image sets for interdisciplinary stage works. My subject matter is inspired by the dialogue between the human body, the image, and women’s portraits, religion and nature as well as the dialogue between diverse cultures.

Curatorial text on Chansook Choi by Matthew Crookes


Chan Sook Choi_12 min. Videopreview


Chan Sook Choi_ 5 seledted Works in En/Kr