I am interested in our constantly transforming landscape. My work is about the environment and how we live, adapt and grow within it. Architecture is involved in most of my work.  The inspiration primarily comes from the energy of edge-sides in the urban environment. Large-scale city environments brings so many elements together in terms of history, time and authenticity. I am really interested in this “in between state “ from preservation, demolishment and rebuilding, This abstract system that gives a city an identity, that never remains the same. The curiousity of the processes from creating and transforming the materials that we get from the earth and the ephemerality of this in relationship with time and technology. Construction, destruction, reconstruction. Additionally, is the concern about how social issues develop on the planet – our landscape that is getting culturalised, and the struggle between man and nature. Our evolutionary process which was originally a natural process resides has grown into a nearly complete human technological evolution. This evolution process has changed and is accelerated by our science and technology. The evolution that created our world has lost control in itself.