The study of astronomy is a practice that engages in a delicate balancing act between hope and truth. Our vision of the universe is a systematic categorization of existence. As inhabitants of our planet, we are all involuntary participants in the organization of the known universe and the exploration of the unknown.

This comes with obvious problems of perspective. For example, the conditions of a singularity, change depending on what position the observation is being held from. This places most of astronomical observation with in the category of being earth-centric. Thus, events are recorded and described from the position of earth, or rotating satellites.

One could say that an entire pattern of thinking comes from studying the delicate position of the human being in the universe. Somewhere between fear and romanticism, all rational thought is held and subjected.

And the truth, whatever it may be, is conditioned by our relative position and our “rational” thought, which is constantly and consistently subject to romanticism.

One could also say that all romantic thought stems from our relationship with the universe.

Luca Antonucci