Emma Haugh is based in Dublin, Ireland and working Internationally. Work to date explores a historical and cultural queer aesthetics from political, personal and poetic perspectives.

Drawing on a background in theatre facilitation, club promotion, dj-ing and photographic practices Emma combines skills in a multi-layered approach. Recent Work incorporates the production of objects (texts, photographs, sculpture, sound) alongside a generative practice of engagement and performance.

Recent projects/exhibitions include; A Choreographed Performance Through Gesture to Music (collaboration with RGKS KSRG, 2013)//Inclusion of works in The DISSIDENT DESIRE ARCHIVE and development of on site READING TROUPE at DISTRICT, Kunst- und Kulturförderung, Berlin (July – December 2013)// This is not that place Pallas Projects Dublin (April 2013)// Love Meetings, materialist feminist readings of ‘the contract’, Residency O-YO Lithuania (July 2013)//An Object of Desire Already Lost; Platform Arts, Vaasa, Finland (September 2012)


Photo caption: This is not that place – performed reading (improvised/recorded/transcribed/performed) Pallas Projects Dublin (April 2013)