My work consists of appropriating common gestures and popular practices and transforming contemporary art exhibition methods and transplanting them into a “living” space. I consider the house one is living in and the town around it to be a decor much as an exhibition space is a constructed environment. The action of appropriation results in collecting, assembling and reinterpreting by means of photography, bookmaking, installation and curatorship. In inviting people, for example, fans of Céline Dion, to contribute to my work is a way of enabling the artwork to exist in different networks. The book, which is a recurring form in my work, embodies the idea that an artwork has a social life.

Laurianne Bixhain – born on May 6th, 1987 in Luxembourg – is an artist, a photographer and an editor. She has a BA and a MFA – from the School of Fine Arts of Bordeaux.