My artwork takes a critical view of aesthetic issues in relation to anthropology. Most of my work is based on a dialectical technique of taking a set of visual premises and working with them until they are transformed. I am fascinated by the seductive power of the image, which I consider to be something that is always beyond our understanding.

I am attracted by the process of construction and destruction of things, and this leads me to conceive of the image as always being in a state of becoming. Often, my work consists of multiple fragments of an idea: every work is a fragment, a relic of a process. I always attempt to make this fragment universal: the work should always embody the entire process. Most of my work relates in one way or another to philosophy, and I often write a brief essay to reflect on those concepts I feel to be fundamental to my art practice. I like to think of myself as a person who knows one thing — that he knows nothing.

Alessandro Sau was born in Cagliari in 1981, and lives and works in Cagliari and Milan.