My work process is an enquiry into aspects of the line; in repetition, boarders/limits, time and traces. The performative aspect of drawing and the line functions as the core of most art that I make. I tend to find my subject matters in the threshold of relations, communication and time. In my practice I work mainly with drawing and sound to create visual and sensational environments. Through putting different elements together I oscillate between the uses of senses. My interest also lies in the threshold between the Transmitter (the piece) and the Receiver (the viewer), the transmitted noise and the search for information in the transmission. I use graphite and sound in my practice. Graphite; because of the tension in the variety of the greyscale, and it’s closeness to typing, letter-writing, messages and secrets. The repetitive act and pattern of drawing also resembles a drawn sound, a sound wave, or a sonification. Sound is also so immediately linked to communication and transformation of information.