Alexander Zaklynsky’s creations are meditative explorations of perspective, color and structure. “I aim to build visual experiences that lead the viewer into a state of reflection and pause,” says Zaklynsky, who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design through the Sculpture Department in 2000. In his paintings, Zaklynsky reveals a collage sensibility, using layering and combinations of color, patterns and imagery to create depth. An artist, designer and curator who has worked with a broad range of media and techniques, Zaklynsky often thinks of his paintings as two dimensional sculptures, or as sketches for audio/visual installations.

Based in Reykjavik Iceland, he founded the Lost Horse Gallery as a venue for local and international artists. Transformed in 2010 into an art production, fabrication and design company called Lost Horse Ehf, the business has been a springboard for numerous projects undertaken in Iceland, Cyprus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, and Italy. Born in the United States in Rhode Island and growing up in Newport, Zaklysnky travels extensively, and incorporates wide-ranging themes in his work, from his heritage to investigations of art and its presentation in contemporary culture.

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