I am a graphic designer and a visual artist based in Seoul, South Korea. I work as a free spirit, punk and open-minded. My works are based on analog and wit that can make general sympathy. Messages that I try to show from my works are easy to notice, but, it contains distinct meaning about a attitude of life style.

Since 2009, I have been creating as a director and a designer in the name of Love and peace market. That name is a mixed word using ‘love & peace’, the name of the Korean old rock band, and ‘peace market’, the name of the big market exist in Seoul. My motto for Love and peace market is to explore messages of peace and enjoy every moment.

I am trying to place elements of nature in downtown to express the importance of nature in urban space. It is a sort of campaign to entice or intrigue people in an atmosphere of freedom in nature. The geometrical figure in nature, the colorful jungle surrounded by grey buildings, the small thing but, meaning is big, or the big thing but meaning is small. These are my interests. Inharmonious things in harmony are my subject.