Alexander Zaklynsky

Alexander Zaklynsky’s creations are meditative explorations of perspective, color and structure. “I aim to build visual experiences that lead the viewer into a state of reflection and pause,” says Zaklynsky, who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design through the Sculpture Department in 2000. In his paintings, Zaklynsky reveals a collage sensibility, using layering […]

Sera Yong

I am a graphic designer and a visual artist based in Seoul, South Korea. I work as a free spirit, punk and open-minded. My works are based on analog and wit that can make general sympathy. Messages that I try to show from my works are easy to notice, but, it contains distinct meaning about […]

Chun-Ya Yang

Chun-Ya Yang (b.1984) is an artist, composer, writer and curator based in Taiwan and Berlin. Her works has been exhibited extensively throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. She completed her MFA degree at Tufts University, in affiliated with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), US in 2012. She has received numerous […]

Alexandra Wilk

Alex Wilk’s work holds a preoccupation with communication, both visual and linguistic. This interest manifests itself through steel sculpture, enamelled signage, site-specific intervention and photo-collage. With each work there is an element that is corrupted, whether it is though text, functionality or familiarity. The work playfully manipulates and subverts usual associations, creating an alternative form of […]

Sara Wallgren

My work process is an enquiry into aspects of the line; in repetition, boarders/limits, time and traces. The performative aspect of drawing and the line functions as the core of most art that I make. I tend to find my subject matters in the threshold of relations, communication and time. In my practice I work […]