Marisa Benjamim

Marisa benjamim was born in Santarém (Portugal) in 1981 The work of Benjamim “arouses a metaphor from the opposition that exists between the concrete and the intimate reverie of the human (…) through the poetic, and mixing performance with the construction of objects, her latest work suspends the concept of gravity, understood not so much […]

Rebecca bauman

 (…) Baumann’s work is equal parts whimsy and satire, a colourful and effecting investigation into the spectacular, volatile and deceptive nature of contemporary celebration. Her poetic and kinetic sculptures are frequently site specific. They are temporary monuments to indefinite victories. She shares a material vocabulary with the supermarket or the Party Planner, although despite this […]

Tiago Baptista

  I usually work with painting and drawing but also with self publishing. The figures in my paintings and drawings seem like they are searching for a meaning with various nonsensical behaviors. As a viewer, we observe these characters surrounded by herbs, houses, factories, and muddy soil, even when in a group, they are away […]

Luca Antonucci

The study of astronomy is a practice that engages in a delicate balancing act between hope and truth. Our vision of the universe is a systematic categorization of existence. As inhabitants of our planet, we are all involuntary participants in the organization of the known universe and the exploration of the unknown. This comes with […]

Tully Arnot

Tully Arnot’s practice develops on ‘outsider’ modes of invention, generating a non-teleological creative process with unanticipated outcomes. Inventive and alchemical explorations of material and form are used to explore the subtle changing of states within art ~ from everyday object to sculpture/invention/artwork, or stuck between in a constant state of flux. Arnot’s work attempts to […]