hannah goldstein

title: Christian at nacka lake hannah goldstein works mainly in photography, and always on several projects at once. She is drawn to work with archives and concepts of memory, and thus the questioning of authorship. She moves freely in the roams of self-documentary, narrative portraits and staged photography with political headings. “I work in a […]

Brendan Goh

Brendan Goh (b.1982) is a Singapore-based artist often preoccupied by things that lie within the realm of the domestic and the homely, and often related to notions of being and habitation. His work, taking various forms such as texts, sculptures and installations are part of an approach to experimenting and understanding what makes lives livable […]

Jelena Fužinato

“Museum” Project My work is my reaction on cultural behavior of environment I`m living in. I use the methods of disinformation to extenuate the paradoxes in society and in culture. It consists of several segments. It deals with the question of the decadence of culture and art, and even the existence of it. The basic […]

Emiliano Fernández de Rodrigo

Fernández de Rodrigo takes a conceptual approach. Using photography, he studies the human condition in relation to their surroundings with respect to different “realities”. In his photography he transforms everyday scenes by exemplifying subtle peculiarities within the ordinary. Every object of daily life becomes a jumping off point where the human capacity of belief – […]

Elara Elvira

I start my adventure working primarily with drawing methods; such as engraving, silkscreening or illustration. My interest in the line as essential way of expression evolves in the pursuit of a communicative language that assumes the use of new technologies. For few years ago I have been researching different forms of audiovisual creation with which […]