Chansook Choi

“To me, every artistic medium is like an eye, which does of course look out from a certain position, it has its own stance, and a perspective linked to the aforementioned factors” Before my move to Germany I had worked with painting exclusively for nearly 25 years. Only after this move I began to work […]

Vienne Chan

There is a certainty that can be found in subjective experience that cannot be articulated, for the most intense experiences cannot be sufficiently expressed in words due to the variegated nature of human experience.In clinical practices, physicians are trained to observe a patient’s non-verbal gestures when measuring their pain level because a patient’s verbal description of his or her pain […]

Bryn Chainey

Bryn Chainey (b. 1986) is a young British-Australian filmmaker and visual artist. In his teens he wrote and directed independent theatre, before studying at the Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia. Since graduating, his short films have been selected in over thirty international film festivals and won 16 prizes. In 2010 he received the emerging […]

André Catarino

André Catarino (1985, Lisboa, Portugal) Graduated in Fine Arts at Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal Specialized in: Drawing and Sculpture I’m interested in explore the relation between spaces and the human body, assuming situations of ruin, deconstruction, abandoned places or even landscapes, and presenting them has final composition for the spectator […]

Giovanni Casu

Giovanni Casu’s work is based on research in visual perception related to semantic language and neuroscience problems. He created W.I.R. Gallery Project in Berlin for Contemporary art (2009). In 2010 Giovanni developed the Ecke Gallery project – Art and Neuroscience, in F’hain Berlin . This project focuses on dialog between contemporary art and neuroscience creating connection […]