Nuno Vicente

Nuno Vicente (Chartres, France, 1981). “(…) It is simple images that Nuno Vicente is looking for in order to ask complex, comprehensive questions of existence. Often he uses equally simple materials such as clay, stone or water, but also performative approaches, which he places in a metaphorical context. Influenced by Arte Povera, Conceptual Art and even Joseph Beuys, it […]

Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres (Glória de Dourados, Brasil, 1982) Pedro Torres is a multimedia artist and independent curator. His works focus on different subjects but always related to a certain notion of time, distance and language. His works have been shown and screened in solo and group exhibitions in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, etc. He lived […]

Natasa Tepavcevic

I am Natasa Tepavcevic, Berlin based, visual, multimedia, text-based artist from Serbia. The core of my work is identified in between theory and art practice; video, context art, and institutional critique. Currently, student at the Institute “Art in Context”, UDK, Berlin. I finished Academy of Fine Art in Belgrade, in 2008, I was student on […]

Ewa Magdalena Surowiec

 My work deals with space, specific even weird places and human’s relationships. I’m interested in a kind of reflective play with absurdity and possibility to manipulate fears and sensations by investigating perception and experiences on many different levels. Crossing boundaries of cognition of violence, inexplicable phenomena or a feeling of ridiculousness is an interesting starting […]


Subluxation was formed in 2008 as a collaborative project between sound artist Eric Miller and video artist Kera MacKenzie. They are focused on developing a dialogue between imagery and sound which denies a hierarchical structure, instead opting for an asynchronous or ambiguous relation between the two media. In previous works, they have employed iterative feedback, […]