My work deals with space, specific even weird places and human’s relationships. I’m interested in a kind of reflective play with absurdity and possibility to manipulate fears and sensations by investigating perception and experiences on many different levels. Crossing boundaries of cognition of violence, inexplicable phenomena or a feeling of ridiculousness is an interesting starting point for a research and creative process. Searching for different mediums and solutions is very essential to me. I understand an approach to art as a mental process that is resulting as an experiment that may end in a much unexpected or even aberrant way.

I work with painting, video and installations. I’m interested also to work on site specific projects. Interdisciplinary and group projects are very exciting parts of development of my ideas. 2010 I created a duo Xuka Fon Sztof with Karolina Kaźmierska. Since 2009 I created some events and exhibitions working as a curator as well.