“Museum” Project

My work is my reaction on cultural behavior of environment I`m living in. I use the methods of disinformation to extenuate the paradoxes in society and in culture.

It consists of several segments. It deals with the question of the decadence of culture and art, and even the existence of it. The basic idea is to create a utopian model of a small community, able to address the issue of quality of life in that environment, the issue of staying in the country and the existence of artists and art. It speaks about common problems in my surroundings where cultural institutions are mostly closing because of economical issues.

Center of my work is building “Museum” in which the exhibition is opened. I present it to the public as the Museum “the newly opened institution” to question their opinions and need for such an institution (through the website, facebook profile, interview, survey …) Field of work becomes not only an architectural object and space around the house (Museum), it includes the entire city and the people who live in it. I am creating misinformation about the existence of Art Institution, the real opening of the museum with the accompanying marketing activities, open competition for art of cultural institutions and workers in the district where no cultural institution is working.