Title : Lachrymogenic
Medium : Glass, Tears, Plants, Energy, Matter, Intention and Containment

Le Gear (b.1985) received first class honors degree in Art and Design (Sculpture) from Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology in 2007. Le Gear’s practice exists in the spaces between the perceptible and the intangible. It is exploratory – it sets out, seeking out wild places and new territories. It follows trails; it maps. Her work has traveled and brought her to many fantastic (and real) places. She has participated in residencies in Iceland (SIM), Ireland (Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Cill Rialig, LCGA and Tyrone Guthrie) and Berlin. Throughout, she has come into contact with a rich array of fellow artists on parallel searches – some of these have become collaborators. Her inquiry continues to seek out new trajectories and the potential for the fruitful shared work and its experience.

As an artist she is strongly attracted by the scientific method behind investigation of phenomena, as well as the more intuitive process of understanding these phenomena including homeopathy. These methodologies are polar opposites but she feels that crucial connections are involved in perception and a unified experience is created from differences. Her work is not defined as being a formal exercise: duration, space,form, intention and individual engagement constitute a complex whole whose qualities she attempts to articulate and amplify. She uses experimentation as a discursive format and as a production method – this allows for simultaneous views from within and without.

Exhibitions include Water that Sleeps at the Galway Arts Center in association with Baboró , EV+a 08 and Claremorris Open Exhibition.


Polar Forces: universe of an iceberg from ruth le gear on Vimeo.