Images left & right: Un-peaceful Ocean Sill image of single channel video with stereo sounds, 2011: The world according to St. Lambrecht, Austria Drawing on paper, 2012

Chun-Ya Yang (b.1984) is an artist, composer, writer and curator based in Taiwan and Berlin.

Her works has been exhibited extensively throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. She completed her MFA degree at Tufts University, in affiliated with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), US in 2012. She has received numerous awards, including a Visiting Fellowship at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, Germany (2011); Montague International Graduate Program Travel Grant, Boston, US (2011); a Curatorial Funding from Contemporary Art Foundation, Taiwan (2013).
Yang is interested in transdisciplinary research regarding hybrid conditions of geographical belonging, cosmopolitan movements and sociopolitical situation. Her art is exploring the experiences of cross-continental immigration and migration, as well as mapping how technology politically frames the contemporary information age as a form/representation of knowledge. By thinking through media circulation, she transforms the mass media or situational sound to recreate psycho-geographical variation expressing communicative conflict or transitional status under historical, site-specific and global-local contexts. In addition to individual works, she also participates collaborations making projects related to transitional ecology, geo-temporality or spatio-temporality.