Ruth Le Gear

Title : Lachrymogenic Medium : Glass, Tears, Plants, Energy, Matter, Intention and Containment Le Gear (b.1985) received first class honors degree in Art and Design (Sculpture) from Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology in 2007. Le Gear’s practice exists in the spaces between the perceptible and the intangible. It is exploratory – it sets out, […]

Yoon Hee Kim

Begin with the arbitrary relationship between  ‘signifiant’ (image, sound) and ‘signified'(meaning) in linguistic, I got interested in letters as images – which does not convey the meaning. So I took it as mare of material attempting to explore the relationship between reading and seeing in the context of art. And it led me to think about the positions […]

Cath Keay

I employ a range of techniques in my research based practice, often recontextualising methods and tools from other fields. I make work that is often transient; allowing natural processes or chance actions to determine the final form of my sculpture. Recent projects have utilised colonies of ants and bees, and the effects of gravity to […]

Clara Ianni

Clara Ianni, 1987, Brazil. Graduated in Fine Arts, at Univesidade de São Paulo, in Brazil. Using provocation as a strategy to entangle his viewer, Clara Ianni disrupts the public space or gallery through objects and interventions, which combine simple aesthetics with a critical reflection on the sociopolitical reality. She estranges the objects from their initial […]

Seamus Heidenreich

Seamus Heidenreich is a self taught artist hailing from Sydney Australia. An illustrator, installation artist, Muralist and painter who now works out of Berlin Germany. Focusing on the interactions of humans and nature, seamus creates worlds that depict scenes at there climatic state.” We are all cast from the same shell”. Everyone in this world experiences transformations […]