Verónica Silva Bruce

Born 1980, Santiago Chile. Between 2001/2005 Veronica studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago of Chile, and in 2009, she graduated from Media Education as a Visual Art Teacher from the University Andres Bello in Santiago, Chile. Since 2005 to date, Veronica has been working in visual arts, primarily […]

Jake Brooks

“words are useless, especially sentences. they don’t stand for anything. how could they describe how i feel?” – louise ciccone before we speak to one another or ourselves, we sense one another. memory isn’t a linguistic practice but a corporeal presence. memory is a material density- bent fences, crushed flowers, car tracks, shadows. memory also […]

Bram Braam

I am interested in our constantly transforming landscape. My work is about the environment and how we live, adapt and grow within it. Architecture is involved in most of my work.  The inspiration primarily comes from the energy of edge-sides in the urban environment. Large-scale city environments brings so many elements together in terms of history, […]

Carol Borja

Carol Borja (1979. Morelia, Mich. Mexico) Educated first as a Graphic Designer in Universidad Vasco de Quiroga and then as an Intermedia artist at the Fine Arts Academy of Budapest. Her interests are Installation, Performance, Video, Photography and Sound. She have shown her works in Mexico, Hungary, Ireland,United Kingdom, Israel and Germany. Carol was group co-ordinator and […]

Laurianne Bixhain

My work consists of appropriating common gestures and popular practices and transforming contemporary art exhibition methods and transplanting them into a “living” space. I consider the house one is living in and the town around it to be a decor much as an exhibition space is a constructed environment. The action of appropriation results in […]