Matthew Crookes

Through my practice I have examined questions around belief and meaning-making. I am currently working towards a Doctorate at the University of Auckland, for which I am researching the purpose of the Absurd in contemporary Fine Art practice, focusing on the writings of Kierkegaard and Camus. It is my position that there is more satisfaction in the […]

Andrea Coyotzi Borja

Born in Puebla (19th of may of 1984) , México. Sometimes you are listening some music and you just cannot help to imagine a situation developing in your mind. That is what my videos are about, constructing an idea that at the moment may seem impossible, but that is  just in the edge of becoming real.  […]

Miranda Clark

…in order to rediscover ourselves we have to lose ourselves and in order to not be swallowed up by reality we have to find the right key to its interpretation 1 In my practice I reference feminine archetypes found in fairytales, pop culture, and love ballads. Through photography, video, performance, and ongoing investigation, I manipulate the ritual standards of […]

Elena Chronopoulou

Traces of the past, as translated through the gestural acts of inscribing and extracting physical elements, are the focus of my interest. Seeking for ways to recreate conditions that are no longer visible, or decipher remains of specific events, I am interested in working with the materials already present in a given space: the process […]