Kader Muzaqi

Born in Kosovo in 1985, Kader Muzaqi graduated at the Faculty of Art in Prishtina Kosovo. He continued other studies, conceptual art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and lastly Architecture at the University of Technology in Vienna. Muzaqi’s works addresses the dynamics of society that link political subjects and the legal system on the other hand. […]

Faye Mullen

Often through a dissection of architectural space, Faye Mullen employs the body in concert with loss, lack and limitation.  Her work is informed by a sculptural practice and is often combined with performance, video and installation. Mullen (1987-) was born in the Niagara Region, Canada.  She studied at l’école National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris at […]

Jonathan Monaghan

Jonathan Monaghan (b. 1986 New York, NY) works with high-end digital technology used by Hollywood, advertising and video games, to create otherworldly, ambiguous storylines that seduce only to unsettle. Their bizarre, disjointed narratives draw as much on the past and mythology, as on science fiction and contemporary culture. His work has been presented in numerous […]

Cristina Meloni

Intimacy and irony, with these two words I could describe my artistic research. Since many years I’ve been exploring my physicality in relation with objects and the idea of the fetishism of an interior experience. An unusual map in a familiar territory which is never fully known. I use different media from performance and installation to sculpture, video, painting […]

Miyeon Lee

Miyeon Lee’s work looks into the psychological and bodily relationships to architecture and space. The visual outcomes are based on an activated observation of occurrences and exchanges between state-of-mind and structure. The process scrutinizes, stretches and slows down the subjects considered, giving an extensive and yet soft touch towards form and mind. She uses painting, […]