culturia seeks to clarify the relation between artist and the artistic process itself.

Our aim is twofold: to support and promote our residents (both personal development and the realisation of projects) and to safeguard the ideas and motivations of the artists in the culturia archive.

We invite our residents to think and create a document of their own processes and artistic beliefs as a contribution to the culturia immaterial art collection. This is understood as an extended document regarding conceptions and points of view of artists about art.

First we suggest an ideal approach then we try to promote a concrete result of an artistic proposal/project.

We believe in the extreme importance of formalizing ideas through objects and actions, regardless its conception or medium. However, we encourage to understand the residency as a motivational environment for creating intimate relations among the residents and exchanges of positions. It is a sharing place that will enhance proposals and help the self understanding of the artist inside their own processes and needs.

With special strategies (agreements with workshops and other partners) that able the artist to accomplish their project we decide to rescind of the atelier space and privilege the direct work with the final space.

Emphasizing  the mediation and letting the intimacy of the relation of the artist with the medium/material for a next level of its own development (when the artist come back to studio practice).

Understanding the expansion of art fields we decide to not put barriers of domains and let researchers and art creators exchange and realize the similarities and differences of their practices.