culturia non material collection

Letting for museums, collectors and other agents the safeguarding of the physical object or artefact, we consider that a perfect accomplishment of our proposal would be the “record” of the material that usually does not fit in the object.

We consider the content of the work as something essential that too many times remains obscure or hid from the majority of the public and is lost in time with the death of the artist.

Trying to Safeguard part of the content that does not fit in the material mediation and that gives us the unique opportunity to establish an important document able to clarify the relation of the artist with his/her task.

Is also clear for us that the medium or domain of action is not important. Joseph Beuys argued in his thoughts about art (*What is Art?) that every man would be an artist if we consider the conjugation of creativity, responsibility and love for the task.

Extending our definition of art in the same way as Beuys into the intense relation between the subject and his work, we invite all of our residents and visitors to share with us and collaborate in this future document, where we believe that its importance can happen if plural and heterogeneous.

Our proposal does not have a format and is a friendly contribution asked to the residents or artists engaged in the understanding of art, work processes and its values.

We want to emphasise that our collection is open to documents using other forms of expression, especially for those artists and researchers that prefer to express themselves through writing, audio, video, data, interview, etc. (However following the natural need of a self-compromise to make it “visible” to others).