culturia is a program for artists conducting research on artistic process.

culturia values the artistic process rather than emphasizing the traditional studio practice that leads to the production of an art work.

culturia encourages to be active and explore new relations and ideas through the production of work with the openness to temporarily changing the artistic practice.

culturia documents the self awareness of the artist in relation to a general understanding of art, work processes and its values.

Central to the culturia project is the opportunity to participate in the Non Material Collection. In the collection culturia preserve the material that usually does not fit within the object in the form of text written by artist. It is in opposition to traditional museum art collections. The collection does not include artworks but is made by the artists reflection on art – (audio, text, video) – everything that has a possibility to be translated into a text and is written/told by the artist. The artist is obliged to provide it to culturia.