Art does not explain the mysterious. What art does is to enable us to be aware of it. Art uncovers the mysterious. And when it is perceived and discovered, it becomes even more mysterious. I believe that writing about art is an act of vanity, which leads to statements like the one above. When words are applied to art, both words and art lose their definitude. Deadlock.

John Berger, Berger on Drawing. Occasional Press, Cork, 2005.

I am a free-lance curator and journalist. My curatorial and research interests are focused on how art moves us, in the original sense of stimulation without language or an imperative discourse. Language and its crossovers with art are, thus, particularly interesting to me. I understand the role of the curator as a producer, always responding to what artists propose. Curators cannot occupy a fixed authorial position. They must constantly shift in relation to artists, artworks, and institutions, not interpret the artworks, but to focus on the artists, themselves and their intentions. I think that the curator’s role cannot be considered as a static set of actions or decisions, but rather, a dynamic, fluid process, constantly evolving in response to dialogue, conflict, and collaboration.

After graduating with BA in Journalism at Carlos III University of Madrid and Handelshøjskolen, Aarhus School of Business (Denmark), I worked for more than seven years as a political journalist for Spanish media like Cadena Ser radio, EFE -the national news agency- and TEMAS magazine, where I run a section of monthly interviews to international personalities from the social, political and cultural field. In the meantime, I collaborated with different publications and platforms writing about tendencies, experimental music and life styles.

In 2011, I completed a MBA of Cultural Management at Complutense University of Madrid. In spring 2012 I moved to Berlin after being selected to participate in the Curatorial Residency Program at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies. In the cultural sector I have assisted art projects in Matadero Madrid and La Casa Encendida, Madrid. In Berlin, I have curated the exhibitions “Sculptures made of earth, fire, water, air (part II)” (João Cocteau), “We Can Draw It!” (GlogauAIR) and co-curated the exhibitions “Faraway, so Close!” (Fichtebunker in collaboration with Grimmuseum and Künstlerhaus Bethanien) and “Conversation with Alice”(produced by Mazen with the support of Node Center for Curatorial Studies). Since July 2012 I am advisor curator for Culturia, program for research on artistic process.